Personal Protective Equipment

Dental Fix offers a complete range of quality PPE (personal protective equipment) from well known, trusted manufacturers.

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Important PPE for the Dental Office:

Gloves – These prevent contamination of the dental health care personnel’s hands when touching a patient’s saliva, blood, and other body fluids that could potentially be infected. Gloves should be changed after every patient and disposed appropriately.
Face Masks: These should be worn to protect patients from micro-organisms released through the nose or mouth of the wearer. They also protect the wearer during surgical procedures that may cause splashes or sprays of body fluids. Face Masks should be replaced between patients and/or immediately the mask gets wet or moist.
Face Shields: Similar protections as face masks but not as effective against airborne infections as face shields allow free circulation of air under the shield. Very good protection against sprays and splashes.
Protective Eyewear: These should be worn during surgical procedures that may generate splashes or sprays of bodily fluids. Reusable eyewear should be washed and disinfected between patients.
Protective Clothing: Protects the skin from exposure to blood and bodily fluids as well as prevents contamination of street clothing. It is recommended that protective coverings are removed when leaving work areas to prevent spread.
Wipes and Disinfectant: Used to disinfect surfaces and certain instruments.

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