Dental Gloves

There are three main categories of medical gloves suitable for use in a dental office, dental practice or dental laboratory.

Disposable Latex Dental Gloves – These are gloves produced from latex. Latex is a composition of substances made from rubber trees. Latex gloves have lots of strength and elasticity. Because of their composition and/or manufacturing process, latex gloves may cause allergic reactions with some people.

Disposable Nitrile Dental Gloves – Nitrile gloves are basically a special synthetic version of latex. They have similar properties as latex but can also handle exposure to chemicals, oils, solvents as well as puncture resistance. Nitrile gloves are not as soft as latex and can be more difficult to work with.

Synthetic Dental Gloves – These gloves are made of other synthetic materials such as vinyl, chloroprene (neoprene), polyurethane and many others. Their use is dependent on the type of risk or exposure one would face in a particular situation/environment and are engineered as such.

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